Everything You Should Know About a Siamese Cat

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The Siamese cat is a very distinct cat breed. You can probably picture one in your head due to their unique markings and vivid blue eyes. Those features are also largely why these cats are so popular. Their looks are a huge part of the draw to the breed.

But how much do you actually know about the Siamese cat? Do you know what colors and patterns they come in? How about whether they’re hypoallergenic or not? We’ll cover all these need-to-know questions and everything you should know about a Siamese cat.

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A Siamese cat looking at the camera, everything you should know about a siamese cat

You may own one, or you may be looking to pick up a Siamese cat to add to your family. With their pretty patterned fur, and their sweet personality what’s not to love?


Everything You Should Know About a Siamese Cat

Everything You Should Know About A Siamese Cat


Siamese cats are adorable, among their other good traits. They’re smart, curious, playful, and sweet. These are all reasons you might be looking to own your own Siamese cat as a companion.

We hope this article has helped you understand a little more about the Siamese cat. Whether you own one, are looking for a feline friend, or are just plain curious Siamese cats are a wonderful breed to learn about.

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A Siamese cat sitting on the ground staring up at the camera

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