Do Maine Coon Cats Shed?

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You might recognize a Maine Coon cat by its characteristically bushy tail and long hair. These truly gorgeous cats make for great companions, but because of all that hair, you can definitely expect some shedding. 

One of the questions we’re often asked is do Maine Coon cats shed, due to the prevalence of allergies that many people have to cats. You might be wondering if you could withstand the amount of shedding and if a Maine Coon will cause you much discomfort if you welcome them into your home.

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An orange Maine Coon cat, do Maine Coon cats shed

While all cats shed at least a little, you probably won’t be all that surprised to hear that Maine Coons do shed, and they can shed quite a bit, due to their long hair. Read on to learn more about it.

Do Maine Coon Cats Shed?

Like many other breeds of cat, Maine Coon cats do indeed shed! Their fur is very long and luxurious, and will therefore need to be groomed as a priority in order for your cat to maintain a healthy coat and prevent the development of fur balls, which can actually be harmful to a cat’s health. 

Maine Coon cats have long fur, so their hair can get everywhere in your home, particularly in places where they love to sleep. 

How Often Do Maine Coon Cats Shed?

A grey striped Maine Coon cat laying down

Maine Coon cats shed most of their fur during the warmer, summer months.

Additionally, if your Maine Coon cat is an indoor cat, it will shed more hair than outdoor cats. This is because they do not need a heavy winter coat since they roam a lot, and thus will lose a lot of their hair when roaming. 

Of course, whenever your cat sheds hair, you will need to clean your house, as well as groom your Maine Coon cat, to maintain it. 

Can My Maine Coon Cat Experience Excessive Shedding?

Maine Coon cats have their own grooming routine. They will lick their hair in order to self-pluck and clean. However, they may develop bald spots from grooming themselves and will shed a lot more than usual. This is a problem that needs to be looked into. 

Black smoke Maine Coon

Here are some of the reasons for excessive shedding in your Maine Coon cat. 


If your cat is stressed, then it may experience excessive shedding. In order to determine the source of your cat’s stress, you should check out any changes in its habitat. 

For example, the introduction of a new baby or a new pet, or new household items like a loud vacuum cleaner. 


Another reason for excessive shedding is fleas. Flea bites may cause irritation to your cat’s skin, which is what results in excessive shedding. 

So, you will need to check your cat’s fur for fleas by combing it back to make its skin visible. You will either notice the fleas, or you will notice discomfort, markings, or redness on your cat’s skin. 

If your cat has fleas, it will need treatment from a veterinarian right away. 

Orange Maine Coon cat

Illness Or Hormone Imbalance 

Sometimes, an illness or hormone imbalance may cause your cat to shed excessively.

Sometimes, illnesses may cause your cat to act differently than normal. So, if you notice this, it is best to take them to a veterinarian right away for a health checkup. 


If your Maine Coon Cat has an unhealthy diet, or their diet does not provide them with the nutrients they need, then they will begin to shed hair excessively. This will often be the case if the cat is underfed.

So, you will need to ensure you are feeding your Maine Coon cat the correct amount of food and ensure that the food you are feeding them is of high quality.

Your cat’s food should be tailored to its age, size, and breed. 

How To Clean Your Cat’s Fur

Most people will try to wash their cats to remove shed fur and any collected debris. However, this should only be done when it is necessary. If necessary, you should wash your cat using warm water and pet-friendly shampoo. 

Maine coon in the bath

You must not wash your Maine Coon cat frequently, or else you risk destroying the natural oils that help to protect its skin and fur. 

Instead of washing your Maine Coon cat’s fur, you should brush it to groom it and maintain its healthiness.

How To Reduce The Amount Of Fur Around Your Home

In truth, you will always have hair dotted around your home if you own Maine Coon cats, and there is no real way to reduce the amount of hair around your home except for cleaning it regularly, especially during the summer months. 

Black Maine Coon Cat

Regularly cleaning your home will be an effective way to help to reduce the amount of hair. Make sure you clean your home with pet-friendly products, as well as a vacuum cleaner to clean spots that are difficult to reach. 

It is also a good idea to use a lint roller to clean your clothes for any persistent hair that won’t come off any other way. 

Final Thoughts

Maine Coon cats do indeed shed! They will shed mostly in the summer months but still shed throughout the year.

If your cat is shedding excessively, then you need to find out why as it could point to further health problems. 

We hope this article told you all you need to know about the shedding pattern of your Maine Coon cats. 

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